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Love Machine

Mollyhaus - Love MachineOH! HAVE WE GOT A TREAT IN THE HAUS FOR YOU!…… Put this date in your diary: 27th April 2012. Why? Because that’s the day when we’ll be dishing up the deliciously decadent ‘Love Machine’ video and remix package, but be warned; view our fulsome offering with caution, it’s said that watching such naughtiness can make you go blind…

AND… there’s even more exciting news from the Haus; our favourite Auntie Beeb dropped by again to tell us that ‘Love Machine’ will be aired again on ‘BBC Introducing: The South’ tonight by the lovely Melita Dennet; so don’t forget to email and text the show with your Mollylove (full details on our Facebook page) :D Thanks Mollypeeps, you’re the best!

Mollypeeps! Mollypeeps!

Come, come closer, come on… get right in… Okay, now shut the door… Sorry, but I’ve got to whisper, you see… there’s a few very curious folk poking around in our closet right now trying our creations on for size… They look very important sort of people, I think they might be relations of Auntie Beeb – it’s very exciting and we don’t want to frighten them off, so hush… keep the noise down and look happy like the good Mollypeeps you are :D Oooh! And while you’re here, did you see what those lovely media people have been saying about our ‘Red Shoes’ EP? Blush… “AN ELECTROPOP MASTERPIECE!”, “ACHINGLY UBER COOL!”, “PERFECT TRACKS FOR AIRPLAY!”, “MISS WHITE REALLY CAN SING!” Now isn’t that thrilling???? OH… Hush! Fush! Mollypeeps…



First REVIEWS of our debut EP ‘RED SHOES’ coming in! We liiike!!! Have a look at what the media people have to say about our gorgeous baby :-)

Red Shoes EP – OUT NOW!

Mollyhaus - Red ShoesWell, well, well our beautiful and treasured Mollypeeps…
Here to you – from us in the Haus, we humbly (and quite proudly) present; our hearts, our minds and our kookiness, attractively boxed into one five track EP – Yes! “Red Shoes” has finally landed, featuring our yet unheard, haunting ballad fashioned from broken hearts: “Russian Boy”.

So, come on darling Mollypeeps, pull up a stool, grab yourself a whiskey sour… and let’s drink to “Red Shoes”….
CHEERS!…. and a million kisses to you all xxx

Lovely, lovely Mollypeeps…

…we’ve tempted you for long enough with our little “Liar Liar” video nibblet – So now we’re gonna fill you up good and proper with the full three course “Little Neve” banquet:
Yes boys and girls, today we are giving you the entire slightly bonkers, kooky, funny visual feast that is our “Liar Liar” video…

So enjoy, enjoy, enjoy – but don’t forget to share it just like Mamma taught y’all!

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Tune in!

After the Mollyhaus hit single “Liar Liar” got massively promoted by BBC Radio last sunday (yeehaaw!) us Mollypeeps are joyfully looking forward to our GERMAN AIRPLAY PREMIERE! Thursday night is the night!
Tune in at 10pm CET for the show ‘NightLife’ on Radio Bayern3 :-))
Fabulous Claus Kruesken will host the night…

Live stream: http://mediathek-audio.br.de

Happy New Year everyone!

Here in the Mollyhaus we’ve been wrapped up against the elements in our Christmas jumpers and working very hard on our preparations for a busy and exciting 2012……. and it suddenly got VERY exciting, coz guess who came a’knocking on our door??? Only our Auntie Beeb…. well… the BBC to those not related of course :D She came bearing some very exciting news:
The Mollyhaus track “Liar Liar” has been chosen from simply thousands of contenders to be played on Melita Dennett’s radio show – BBC Introducing: The South. The show goes out this Sunday 8th January between 7 pm and 9 pm and we’d love to invite you all to listen in and email/text your comments and support, details of how below – thank you Mollypeeps, we love y’all x

Listen in Brighton on 95.3 FM
Listen in Sussex & Surrey 104-104.8 FM
Listen in Solent & Hampshire on 96.1 FM
Listen in Dorset on 103.8 FM

Listen on-line:

Text in during the show (you need to start texts with the word ‘radio’) on 81333 (normal rates apply)
Email the show at unsigned@bbc.co.uk

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EQ Music Blog Gets Into The Christmas Spirit With “Santa’s Sack” by Mollyhaus

EQ“Let’s face it, when it comes to Christmas, usually the songs are a bit too cheesy for my liking. The music industry gets inundated with Christmas albums hoping to cash in on a bit of holiday consumerism to help make up for lost profits lost to “the new music industry”.

However, this track called “Santas Sack” by Mollyhaus is quite the opposite. It’s seriously gritty, electronic and even a bit overtly sexual and if you ask me, it’s everything I want in a track, especially if it’s one of the Christmas variety.

This is the only Christmas song I’ve downloaded this year – I highly suggest you do the same too. And if you haven’t yet discovered the sheer brilliance that is Mollyhaus – I suggest you get caught up with them right here, right now.”

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