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China Face [What to Do]

China FaceToday’s the day peeps!

Get out those dancing shoes and head on over to iTunes to get your copy of our latest release ‘China Face [What to Do]’! We apologise in advance to all of your friends, family and colleagues for your persistent ♫ ♪ ♫ “What to do? What to Do? What to do?… ing” ♫ ♪ ♫ . We assure those concerned that this is not a cry for help, or a sudden speech impediment or a feverish illness, but merely sudden exposure to the extreme catchiness of this Mollyhaus tune.

We’re happy to report that there is no cure :) x

“What to do? What to do?”


… You may ask… Well, Mollyhaus is always here to help, so here are some dates for your diary:

August 9th: Go shopping for new dancing shoes…

August 10th: Wake up, put on new dancing shoes (clothes not essential) log on to iTunes and (FANFARE!) check out our new single, ‘China Face (What To Do?)’ with some truly stonking remixes by Andalo and DJ Maringo… burn some shoe leather busting your moves!

August 15th: Buy ticket to London, polish dancing shoes and (DRUM ROLL!) come and see Mollyhaus live at the coolest of cool London venues “Proud Camden” We’ll be there between 8.30 pm – 9 pm electropopping for the beautiful people… you are coming aren’t you? And if that’s not special enough, we’ll also be celebrating Little Neve’s birthday, with cakes and goody-bags and everything! Hope to see you there (clothes ARE essential!)

August 16th – Look out Berlin… we’re coming!!!!

The Story of The Mollyhaus Album

MollyhausAre you sitting comfortably peeps? Then we shall begin… Once upon a time there was a kooky little haus, in a kinky little street, where the exotic, the enigmatic, the weird, the woeful and the plain nosy began to congregate. They were drawn there by the strange and beautiful sounds that drifted out through the chimney and up, up into the midnight sky, for Little Neve and K were hard at work in the attic studio recording the final tracks of their long-awaited album, completely oblivious to the crowd that had gathered on the Mollyhaus front lawn. Mollypeeps! Did you get that? We’ve nearly finished the album! Oh… and as for the kookies on the lawn, they’re now wearing Mollyhaus T-Shirts under their straightjackets ;) x

Rodin’s Kiss gets BBC Airplay!

What an exciting and creative week we’ve had in the Haus. Our favourite Auntie Beeb (a.k.a. the lovely Melita Dennett) dropped by again yesterday to say that she’d be playing our track ‘Rodin’s Kiss’ on her radio show: “BBC Introducing: The South” this Sunday at around 7 pm – so Mollypeeps, we are calling on you once more to email during the show to unsigned@bbc.co.uk with your Mollylove and if you copy us in on your emails at info@mollyhaus.com you’ll get a little Mollyhaus treat ;) You can also text the show at 81333 putting the word ‘radio’ in front of your comment. Tune in if you can… you may even hear an exciting announcement… for our new Mollies the links are below.
Thank you one and all! <3

Proud in Camden


Well, well Mollypeeps, would you believe it?

…as a result of our Club FAB-U-LOUS Camden Rock gig, we have been asked to play at the Oh sooooo cool.. ‘Proud Camden‘… you know, where Jessie Jay, Moby, Sophie Ellis Bexter amongst other luminaries have recently strutted their stuff… we’re thinking about the offer very seriously of course… AS IF!

15th August peeps, get your lovely selves down there!! (OOOoooo! And it’s Little Neve’s birthday!)

Cooking up an electro storm


And so the Mollybus rolls towards the final destination of this Mollyhaus tour: ‘Club Fabulous’ at London’s ‘Camden Rock’ where at 8.30 pm sharp on Wednesday 13th June, Little Neve and K will be cooking up their last electro storm in the UK for a while. Plans are afoot and our divine duo will shortly be off to conquer territories new; there is a whisper that the next stop may be Prague… we’ll keep you posted Mollypeeps. We must thank our genius friend Dom Agius for the fabulous new Mollyhaus pics, hope you love them as much as we do…

A diamond week for Mollyhaus

Mollyhaus @ BarflyHappy Diamond Jubilee Weekend Mollypeeps, Corgis and Queens! And guess what… those naughty little Mollies are out of the Haus giving some diamond performances themselves. After a fun night at The Sundowners in Margate on Friday, on Saturday Little Neve and Mollyboy Basty electro-rocked the ‘Casino Royale Club’ at the world famous ‘Barfly’ in Camden, London.
If you want to catch us on this mini UK tour, then check the live page for details.

Mollyhaus gigs’ dress code: wear your red shoes for a free signed copy of our ‘Red Shoes’ CD! Can’t wait to see you…

Love Machine Single – OUT NOW!

Mollypeeps! It’s time to jump on the ‘Love Machine’, so head over to iTunes and get your ticket to ride, we promise you won’t regret it… The ‘Love Machine’ Single release is a super-sensory experience not to be missed with fabulous remixes from K Bastian, Dandy Ryk and Man Loves Machine!

We hope you love them as much as we do…

As always Mollypeeps, our aim is to elevate you to a state of blissful amusal, so while you’re here, come on into the Haus and let us titillate and scintillate you with the deliciously decadent ‘Love Machine’ video – it really is a sight for sore ‘Molly-peepers’… ;)

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