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Mar-2013 – GALA [JPG]

IN: “Shapeshifter”, das neue Elektro-Album des Berliner Geheimtipps Mollyhaus. Macht süchtig.

OUT: Die falsche Playlist im Fitness-Studio anhören müssen.


IN: “Shapeshifter”, the latest electro album by Berlin’s insider tip MOLLYHAUS. Highly addictive.

OUT: Unwanted playlists being forced upon you at your gym.

Dec-2012 – GSCENE [PDF]


After stellar performances at Charles Street in Brighton, the gay bars of Berlin and a recent stint at BBC South’s Live Lounge, Anglo-German electro-pop duo Mollyhaus have released Red Shoes, their first EP, full of hook-laden disco-ready nuggets all told with sardonic wit.
Graham Robson caught up with singer Little Neve and her companion, the knob-twiddling K, to discuss music, inspirations and how nightclubbing in the nude is cool in Berlin, as long as you keep your shoes on.

How did Mollyhaus come about?

NEVE: I’m from London, but I live in Worthing now, and K is from Berlin. He was a remixer on one of my previous musical projects, and we loved what he had done, so we started to do more and more together. He creates the music, we write the lyrics and melody, and so Mollyhaus was born!

Describe the dynamics of the duo…

N: I am quite ‘blah blah blah’ and he is more ‘sssh’. But our relationship is fascinating; we discovered we had such a lot in common even though we seem so different. He won’t arm wrestle me though. And he’s not keen on pretzels. That’s just silly.

You’ve played the gay scenes of both Brighton and Berlin; how do they compare?

K: Brighton and Berlin are both very exciting places and we loved to do both. N: But in Berlin you could wear nothing in a club if you so desire, as long as you wear your shoes (they have no insurance for no shoes, the inspiration for our track Red Shoes) – I know this because we got off stage, went into another room and found a man with his willy out doing the Macarena. K: Had his shoes on though, didn’t he!

How was performing at Charles Street for Halloween?

K: Charles Street was great; was a really good night because it was Halloween and people were all dressed up and completely in party mode. We would love to do more in Brighton.

Who, music or otherwise, do you draw inspiration from?

N: We draw influence from such a diverse range of people – K is classically trained so he has written scores for chamber music, but it wouldn’t be unusual to find him writing and remixing for big dance DJs either. I like old stuff; rock and roll, Bowie… Whatever makes my heart beat fast. Anything from Frank Sinatra to Lady Gaga. Love the Gaga! You probably wouldn’t find us at the same club because I would annoy him with my musical taste and he would annoy me with his musical taste and we’d get drunk and cry and then eat something greasy. K: She is quite annoying me now…. N: see, I told you – he loves me…!

Do you despair at being called electro- pop?

N: Ha ha, despair is a bit dramatic! We ponder this; I’m not sure if we really know what we are…
K: We are electronic and I guess we are quite poppy. So maybe electro-pop is fair!

Your new single China Face has a heavier, more club-ready sound than before…

N: It’s been getting some good reviews – it’s more for dancing on podiums than our previous releases. We had some great remixers (Andalo – of Guru Josh Project status and Maringo – Berlin up and coming DJ) come forward for the package so we were very happy about that!

What ideas and lyrical themes are you drawn to?

K: Anything with a twist to it; it’s not always a happy ending you know! We like kinky! ;)…

After playing the Live Lounge for BBC Introducing the South, what does the future hold?

N: Playing the Live Lounge was a great experience – what a lovely team there is at the BBC in Brighton, including Kairen, Dan and that Melita Dennett is a feisty one… We recently shot a video for our track Red Shoes. Anton Rizan and his amazing crew came up with a concept, whisked us off to a secret location in London and we filmed it in a day. It’s currently being edited so we are trying to patiently wait for it to be finished. K: Who knows what’s around the corner. We just need to keep working hard at it, doing more gigs and writing, as we have been. Management would be good for us.
N: YES! Management or an agent… and I would dearly like a new hoover.

Sep-2012 – EQ Music Blog

Listen To: “China Face (What To Do)” by Mollyhaus

Some of us may have been on holiday and some of us may have been curating exciting and successful pop festivals for EQ. Regardless of us being a little late on this, we are not going to desert on EQ faves Mollyhaus present synthesized smasher “China Face (What To Do)”.

Delicate shimmering synth work decorates beside the celestially exquisite vocals, leading us into divine electro pop intervention of the most seraphically serene kind.

Blessed and totally blissed out on this luscious lamenting synth pop hit. By Mandy Rogers

Aug-2012 – Siegessäule Magazine

Na sdorowje!

Das Electropop-Duo Mollyhaus – Sängerin Little Neve White und Produzent K Bastian – ist mit einer neuen Single am Start. Im August bespielen sie gleich drei queere Berliner Partys in Folge. Jan Noll sprach mit Little Neve über Internet, Wodka und Schuhzwang bei Chantal

Little Neve, mit „Red Shoes“, dem Titelstück der ersten Mollyhaus-EP habt ihr Chantals Party „House of Shame“ ein Denkmal gesetzt. Erzähl mal die Story dahinter und wie es sich anfühlt, am 16.8. wieder dort aufzutreten.

„House of Shame“! Das war ein Erlebnis! Es war die erste Nacht unserer Berlin-Tour, wir hatten kaum geschlafen, und ich weigerte mich, meine Schuhe anzuziehen. Chantal machte mir in ihrer feinfühligen Art und Weise unmissverständlich und unklar zugleich deutlich: „Du musst deine Schuhe tragen, weil der Club nicht gegen Keine-Schuhe-Tragen versichert ist!“ Danach ergänzte sie: „Klamotten sind aber nicht nötig.“ Und so wurde der Text zu „Red Shoes“ geboren. Es ist natürlich total geil, dass wir jetzt wieder dort auftreten!

Einen Tag später spielt ihr bei „Search and Destroy“, eigentlich eher eine Rockparty. Könnte für euch als sehr poppiger Electro-Act ein schwieriges Publikum werden.

Wir werden früh da sein und vorsorglich schon mal ein paar Umarmungen verteilen. Vor ein paar Wochen haben wir im Camden Barfly in London gespielt und die Rocker electropopten sich ihre kleinen Beinchen ab! Oder sollten wir lieber einen Electroschocker mitnehmen?

Dein Bandkollege K Bastian lebt in Berlin, du in England. Wie arbeitet ihr an euren Songs?

Das Internet ist schon eine wundervolle Sache. Es macht das Arbeiten sehr einfach, auch wenn man an verschiedenen Orten ist. Es gibt Skype! Wir kippen ein paar Wodka und skypen dabei.

Am 10.8. veröffentlicht ihr eure neue Single „China Face (What To Do)“. Was kannst du mir über den Song und die zwei Remixe erzählen?

„China Face“ ist clubbiger als die bisherigen Mollyhaus-Tracks, es geht um einen Go-go-Tänzer. Die Arbeit an diesem Stück verlief mal anders herum als sonst. Wir hatten erst Text und Melodie und dann hat K Bastian den Track dazu gezaubert. Und die Remixe? Aufregend, DJ Maringo und Andalo! Muss ich noch mehr sagen?

Was habt ihr für Pläne in der nächsten Zeit?

Das Mollyhaus hat viele Zimmer. Unsere cleveren und verrückten Mitbewohner haben ihr ganzes Herz in dieses Projekt gepackt. Das scheint sich jetzt auszuzahlen, denn ein paar interessante Leute klettern durch die Fenster und klopfen an die Tür. Wer weiß, was die nächsten zwölf Monate bringen? Ich hoffe, zumindest ein Gläschen Wodka!

China Face (What To Do), ab dem 10.8. als Download erhältlich

Mollyhaus live:
Chantals House of Shame, 16.8., 23 Uhr, Bassy
Search and Destroy, 17.8., 23 Uhr, SchwuZ
11 Jahre Irrenhouse, 18.8., 23 Uhr, Comet Club

Aug-2012 – 030 Magazine

Mollyhaus kommen eigentlich nur zur Hälfte aus Berlin, denn Sängerin Little Neve White stammt aus dem britischen Brighton. Gemeinsam mit ihrem Kollegen K Bastian macht sie dunkel angeschunkelten Electropop, der etwa an Ladytron oder an Client erinnert und in UK schon an der großen Glocke hängt. Jetzt ist Berlin dran, weswegen das Duo vom 16. bis zum 18. August gleich dreiman live zu sehen ist. Kaum zu verpassen also.

Mollyhaus auf Berlin-Tour
Do 16.08. gegen 2 Uhr
Chantals House of Shame im Bassy Club
Fr 17.08 gegen 1 Uhr
Search & Destroy im SchwuZ
Sa 18.08. gegen 22 Uhr
Irrenhouse im Comet Club


Emilia Mitiku reinvents herself with retro pop

Emilia lives in a big big world, but it was her efforts to sing for small Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest that kick-started her music career all the way to ‘vintage pop’…

Emilia Mitiku laughed and joked early this morning (Friday 15th June 2012) on BBC Breakfast TV about having been kicked out of the selection process for the Eurovision three years ago, but states that she did it to kick-start her career again. She also enthuses that in Sweden the international song contest is considered quite an honour to be involved in, especially after the success of Abba. Emilia was first discovered by the son of Abba’s manager in 1996, and later went on to have a huge hit with ‘Big Big World’ in 1999.

So it is clear that the half Swedish singer is no stranger to the big big world of pop, and her voice has never been more distinct and beautiful than in her recent rendition of ‘Dream a little Dream of Me’. So we can expect more ‘vintage pop’ as she so-aptly calls it, but it would also seem that she is a fan of cool and kooky music too, as she was spotted enjoying a night out with electropop pair, Mollyhaus on Wednesday 13th June 2012 at Camden Rock.

Dynamic duo, Mollyhaus consists of Brighton-based Little Neve White and Berlin boy K Bastian and they played a set at the popular North London venue to round up their two-week tour; their unique sound and retro image was well-received by the audience.

When it comes to Eurovision how could Mollyhaus possibly decide who to sing for? the UK or Germany? Whilst this is unlikely to be part of their musical journey… the future is certain going to bring big big things for both Emilia who has her new release out on June 25th via Warner UK, and Mollyhaus who look to be performing at Prague Pride, and are planning another tour. Keep up-to-date with all Mollyhaus news on: http://www.mollyhausmusic.com
And read about Emilia on http://emiliamitiku.com
Photographer of image above: Scarlett Pimlott-Brown

Apr-2012 – EQ Music Blog

Watch “Love Machine” by Mollyhaus

Mollyhaus has just premiered the music video for their new song Love Machine, which is an incredible track to say the least! It grinds along with some heavy electro and some very distinct vocals that really demand your attention. I really, really love this new video, because it features so many images of the past, which are graphic, sexual and just straightup vintage and does so with a very vintage film look.

Watch Love Machine here

Mar-2012 – EQ Music Blog

Mollyhaus are one of my favorite new buzz bands and I’m absolutely in love with their “Red Shoes” EP that is available on iTunes right now. This band really has something special that satisfies my need for quirky electronic pop in the most decadent of ways.

If you’re quick, you can grab the amazing Marc Lime & K Bastian remix of their track “Red Shoes” exclusively here on EQ. It’s been rockin my pod for awhile now and it’s the perfect sort of thumpa thumpa to kick start the season of sushine we seem to be experiencing here in Europe.

And how gorgeous are the band? I could eat them with a spoon.

Grab your free Mollyhaus remix here and download their EP when you get a chance.

Feb-2012 – Siegessäule Magazine

Mit „Red Shoes“ erscheint nun die Debüt-EP von Mollyhaus, dem Electro-Projekt des Berliner Popduos The Snoopy Lads mit Sängerin Little Neve White. „Liar Liar“ und „Love Machine“ sind perfekte Radiosongs, aber richtig spannend wird’s erst, wenn sich eine unheilvolle Komponente in die Lieder schleicht. Das elegische „Russian Boy“ und der wabernde Titeltrack geben Neves großartiger Stimme den nötigen Raum, um sich in emotionaler Vielschichtigkeit zu spreizen. Wer „Digital Tenderness“ von Terranova mag, wird „Red Shoes“ lieben.


Mollyhaus, the electro project of Berlin pop duo The Snoopy Lads with singer Little Neve White, have just released their debut EP „Red Shoes“. „Liar Liar“ and „Love Machine“ are perfect tracks for airplay. It gets really exciting though in the moment that baleful elements sneak into their compositions. The elegiac song „Russian Boy“ and the wafting title track make way for Neve’s magnificent voice, spreading her wings in emotional complexity. If you like „Digital Tenderness“ by Terranova you will love „Red Shoes“.

Feb-2012 – Männer Magazine

Schöne Sache! Little Neve White und die Snoopy Lads Hendryk Ekdahl und Basty Pagel finden sich als Mollyhaus zu einem neuen Projekt zusammen und die erste Fünf-Song-EP, die dabei herauskommt, ist ganz und gar elektronisch und total bezaubernd. Frau White kann wirklich singen, und die Produktion und das Songwriting klingen ein bisschen nach William Orbit oder Goldfrapp und stehen den genannten qualitativ in nichts nach. Das ist auf iTunes zu haben. Anspieltipps „Liar Liar“ und das fantastische Titelstück „Red Shoes“.


Nice one! Little Neve White and the Snoopy Lads teamed up for a new project named Mollyhaus. The fruit is their first 5-track-EP which is out-and-out electronic and absolutely enchanting. Miss White really can sing, their production and songwriting remind one of William Orbit or Goldfrapp whose quality standards Mollyhaus easily meet. We especially recommend „Liar Liar“ and the fantastic title track „Red Shoes“.

Feb-2012 – SQ Magazine

So different to everything else in this Showcase that it isn’t even in the same ball park, “Liar Liar” by Mollyhaus has, quite deservedly, been receiving a bit of attention lately. The electropop masterpiece, featuring the beautifully quirky Little Neve White and The Snoopy Lads, could be shelved with the likes of Lady Gaga and David Bowie. Effortlessly catchy and more than a little vibrant the track feels like it should be part of the score of a Tim Burton movie, or an adaptaion of something by Charles Lutwidge Dodgson. “Liar Liar” is a rainbow of colours you won’t find anywhere else.
From: Brighton and Berlin
Influenced by: David Bowie, Lady Gaga, Kate Bush, Billy Holiday, Nina Simone

Jan-2012 – EQ Music Blog

EQTV – Watch “Liar Liar” by Mollyhaus

I am loving this track by Mollyhaus called “Liar Liar”. It’s so quirky cool and infectious yet still manages to captivate the electronic synth-loving purist inside me.

I’ve been championing Mollyhaus for quite awhile now and I think they are definitely ones to watch out for on the electronic pop scene. They have some crackin new tunes up on their official website and it’s nice to see their imaging coming along very nicely in all it’s sexy, slick and achingly uber cool “yeah were kinda hot” vibe.

Watch Liar Liar here

Dec-2011 – BLU Magazine


„Santa’s Sack“ ist da! Ein bisschen düster klingt es ja, trotz des eher amüsanten Titels. Oder erotisch? Beides?! Das Weihnachtslied von Mollyhaus, das zusammen mit den Berliner Künstlern The Snoopy Lads entstanden ist, bereichert fortan den wabernden Weihnachtsklangteppich! Hendryk: „Wir sind zwar auf der Suche nach einem Label, haben uns aber entschieden diesen Song als Goodie für unsere Fans schon mal so auf den Markt zu schmeißen.“ Einfach eine klasse Idee und ein drolliges Lied!

Dec-2011 – EQ Music Blog

EQ Music Blog Gets Into The Christmas Spirit With “Santa’s Sack” by Mollyhaus

Let’s face it, when it comes to Christmas, usually the songs are a bit too cheesy for my liking. The music industry gets inundated with Christmas albums hoping to cash in on a bit of holiday consumerism to help make up for lost profits lost to “the new music industry”.

However, this track called “Santas Sack” by Mollyhaus is quite the opposite. It’s seriously gritty, electronic and even a bit overtly sexual and if you ask me, it’s everything I want in a track, especially if it’s one of the Christmas variety.

This is the only Christmas song I’ve downloaded this year – I highly suggest you do the same too. And if you haven’t yet discovered the sheer brilliance that is Mollyhaus – I suggest you get caught up with them right here, right now.

Dec-2011 – Siegessäule Magazine

Nach gefeierten Auftritten bei Chantal, im SchwuZ und bei „Propaganda“ verkürzt Mollyhaus , das neue Projekt der Berliner Synthiepopper The Snoopy Lads mit Sängerin Little Neve White, das Warten auf das erste Album mit einer schlüpfrigen Weihnachtssingle. „What you got in Santa’s sack for a bad girl?“, schnurrt die kleine Neve in orgasmischer Wallung zu spukig dahinschreitenden Electrosounds, und der arme Claus bleibt mit ‘ner Latte im Schornstein hängen.


After their acclaimed performances at Chantal’s, Schwuz and Propaganda, Mollyhaus (the new project of the Berlin synthie pop duo The Snoopy Lads with vocalist Little Neve White) abridge the time till the release of their debut album with a saucy Christmas single. Little Neve is purring „What you got in Santa’s sack for a bad girl?“ in orgasmic flushes, accompanied by pacing spooky electro sounds – whilst poor Claus is getting stuck in the chimney with a stiffy.
This is how Christmas should sound like!

Oct-2011 – EQ Music Blog

Say hello to Mollyhaus.

Mollyhaus are the product of two fabulous independent electronic acts coming together in way of uber hot electronic duo from Berlin – The Snoopy Lads (whom I worship and I’m a huge fan of) and the fabulous Little Neve White. They recently started experimenting with their sound and have done a few live shows already and I can tell you, the music is coming together really nicely.

Check out some Soundcloud samples of their tunes below and I think you’ll agree that they have hit onto something quite special in the world of electronic music. It’s still really early days for Mollyhaus but I’m going to be keeping a really close eye on them…being that The Snoopy Lads have produced one of my favorite albums of all time – “A Ruby In Blue” – keeping an eye on them and Mollyhaus won’t be asking a whole lot from me.

If you are around on October 31st and not hiding in your flat, Mollyhaus descend upon Brighton for their first UK live gig – I will most certainly be there.