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+++ Hubba Hubba +++


Well! Molly golly gosh peeps! Have we got some treats in the cookie jar for you this coming week. Not only will Mollyhaus be mega-popping the electro in Berlin’s hottest, coolest, newest and naughtiest night haunts, but to co-incide with this latest mini-Mollytour; we are FINALLY gonna give you that thing your iPods have all been waiting for, begging for, desperately needing to complete your best ever iTunes playlists ;-) Oh! Hubba Hubba…

Visit Mollyhaus at iTunes on the 15th of November and waiting in the shop window will be a very special EXTENDED EDITION of our Shapeshifter EP featuring…yes…at last…

‘HUBBA HUBBA MAN’!!!!! AND as if that wasn’t thrilling enough… our movie title track ‘NIGHTMARE HUNTERS’.

Come early to avoid traffic ;-) Beautiful Berliners, you’ll find us at ‘Chantal’s House of Shame’ on the 14th, ‘Hafen’ on the 15th, and the fabulous opening night of the brand new SchwuZ venue on 16th November. So put it in your dancing diaries, we can’t wait to see you there… <3

Happy October peeps!


It is now officially ‘onesie season’, so here’s to cozy nights in with vodka, good friends and great music… which is what we’re very busy creating for you now that we can’t sunbathe anymore!

But, hey! What a great summer we’ve had; a big thank you to all of our Mollypeeps for your amazing support and love and generosity! There are some very interesting and exciting things a’cooking in the Haus right now, when it’s time to dish up we guarantee it’ll warm the cockles of your parts, so stay tuned ;-)

La La La La Loving it!

Dear Mollypeeps, we’ve been teasing and squeezing your curious parts for weeks now with itsy-bitsy hints about our La la Ladyboy video; and believe us, the suspense has been hurting our suspenders rather a lot too! But at last we can say that this is no longer a Haus of pain – we are officially a pleasure zone once more: IT’S FINISHED!!!

And as you will see for yourself, the genius visual artist who is Martin Börner has once again created a delectable, sensual, and this time colourful feast of a Mollyhaus music video, we love it so much.

We have to say a huge thank you to him and also the beautiful cast who starred alongside Little Neve and K Bastian in this music extravaganza, they are: Äimi Weinhaus, Barbie Breakout, Candy Louis, Frank Wilde, Martin Möchtegern & Sheila Wolf…. THANK YOU, YOU’RE ALL AMAZING!

Big Brother is in the Haus!

Or maybe that should be The Haus is in Big Brother… because we had a great start to the week when we discovered that ‘Hubba Hubba Man’ has been a tune of choice for UK’s TV show ‘Big Brother 2013’.

Finalist Dexter Koh and that girl Wolfie both aired their best bits to Mollyhaus… but we do wish people would stop doing that, Little Neve and K are getting distracted, over-stimulated, far too curious and what we really need them to do is write some more great music… so put it away will you peeps ;-)


Mollyhaus @ Christopher Street Day Berlin 2013

The crazy started early for Mollyhaus with a rocking Thursday night at ‘Chantal’s House of Shame’.

Friday found the team at the Hotel Concorde for the ‘Eve of Equality’ reception with inspiring speakers, yummy grub and celebrity hugs.

Then, nobody could have been prouder than Little Neve and K Bastian to perform to the huge and amazing crowd in front of the Brandenburg Gate at the CSD Party on Saturday; words are not enough… so pictures and videos are on the way!

The icing on the Mollypop was a trip to Fritz Radio on Sunday, for some live singing and a chat with the lovely Christoph Schrag – you can listen again here:

An enormous thank you to all of our fans and supporters for making this the best Mollytour to date, we couldn’t have got here without you. Give yourselves a giant hug from us, see you again soon x

Oh jolly Mollymonth of June!

Berlin Pride line-up

Whoop! Whoop! It’s the Mollymonth of June! And our hausmates couldn’t be more excited: Is it the sunshine?… well, slightly. Is it the ice-cream?… only a bit. Sex on the beach?… Vodka is always exciting ;-)

No, no… what’s really got Little Neve and K polishing up their pretty bits is… TA! DA! On 22nd June, right in front of Berlin’s magnificent Brandenburg Gate, Mollyhaus will be performing on the main stage to tens of thousands of people for ‘BERLIN PRIDE 2013’ (or Christopher Street Day as the locals call it!) And as if that’s not thrilling enough, we’ll be back at the saucy little venue where it all started ‘CHANTAL’S HOUSE OF SHAME’ for a warm up on 20th June. So peeps, get your glitter on, we’re coming…

If you really can’t make Berlin, you can get your Mollyfix by listening in on Sunday 23rd June at 6 pm to “Unsigned” on RADIO FRITZ with Christoph Schrag, where Mollyhaus will be performing live in the studio.
Love ya, miss ya, can’t wait to see ya! xxx

Hello Haus guests!

Mollyhaus - GALA

We are pleased to report that there’s been no snow on our roof; things are just too hot in the Haus! The release of our latest EP ‘Shapeshifter’ has garnered much kind and very much appreciated praise from many quarters, even the glamorous celebrity magazine ‘Gala’ recommended it as ‘highly addictive’ – Little Neve and K Bastian won’t put the trash out in their pajamas anymore in case the paparazzi are outside.

As if that wasn’t thrilling enough, the people in Radioland seem to love ‘Shapeshifter’ too, tracks have been played on the ‘BBC’, on ‘Radioreverb’ and most recently, Berlin’s prestigious ‘Radio Fritz’ has selected Mollyhaus as their ‘UNSIGNED TIP OF THE WEEK’!

Oh Yes! Keep it coming; we’re ready for you world…

Spring is coming!

Mollyhaus - Siegessaeule


Little Neve and K Bastian mop their brows, stretch their stretchy bits and poke their heads outside the studio door… we know you’ve missed them, but they’ve been working very, very hard, and we can now announce… Fanfare! …that the result of their labours is almost upon you.

The new Mollyhaus EP ‘Shapeshifter’ will be released on March 8 which we hope you’ll love as much as we do… and as if that isn’t exciting enough, the ‘Shapeshifter Release Tour’ kicks off in Berlin at the glorious ‘Chantal’s House Of Shame’ on March 7.

We’ll see you there… and don’t forget your shoes!