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Red Shoes

Deep in a dungeonesque London car park, Little Neve and K Bastian gathered with mysterious dancers, a skater, actors and movie makers, all to tell the story of “Red Shoes” – the Mollyhaus song inspired by the glorious Chantal and her erotic, exotic ‘House of Shame’.

Chantal makes only ONE demand of her guests, whatever or whoever you are doing… “You must keep your shoes on, Darlinks!”

Fabulous director Anton Z Risan and his team have now created a visual feast of a music video for our ‘Red Shoes’ and we are very excited to announce it’s release on 18th Jan!

So get your shoes back on Mollypeeps, we’re dancing again…

And so the story continues…

Mollyhaus - 030

The winding path led little neve and K once more to Berlin, with new tunes and fresh fans (as well as old favourites). Radio Interviews, go-go beauties and snow-fall at Goya – only to come home to a phone call from a film director who heard us in the BBC Live Lounge, asking for our Mollyhaus tunes for his score!… we don’t know what the next chapter will bring, but we have a jumbly feeling in our tummies… don’t you?

Berlin, as usual, you were amazing <3 thankyou <3

Booking flights for January already!!!

Mollyhaus @ Live Lounge on BBC Radio

Little Neve and K Bastian are STILL buzzing like little bees from their BBC Introducing the South experience; K has left the building – he has things to take care of in Berlin. But together again in November! WOOP WOOPing all over the place. And by the way, the BBC team described our fans as fearsome, loyal and of course, THE BEST.
Thankyou so much for your support XXX

As BBC radio are STATE OF THE ART, you cannot only listen to, but also WATCH live radio performances. Well that’s quite futuristic! ♥

See Little Neve perform the latest Mollyhaus track ‘Hubba Hubba Man’ live at the BBC studios Brighton!

The Empress’s New Clothes

Little Neve

After their massive performance at Berlin’s amazing Goya Club, Mollyhaus are back in London for more adventures! How do you like Little Neve’s new outfit? This pic was taken today in the fitting rooms of Magic Mask pictures, the company who – in cooperation with atelier a-z – will produce the next Mollyhaus music video. They got the most amazing team together; dancers, actors, models, stylists and a highly professional techie crew. So exciting!

Only a few days later Little Neve and K Bastian will perform a show case in central London: all fingers crossed, legs and eyes too, dear Mollypeeps.
Then THE WEEKEND: on Saturday Oct 20 Mollyhaus are the closing act of the Big Gay Lifestyle Show in the beautiful Grand Connaught Rooms London, be there by 5pm latest! Or better come much earlier to enjoy the whole exhibition. Register online for FREE ENTRY today: http://www.biggaylifestyleshow.com

On Sunday you can catch Little Neve and K Bastian in Brighton, playing the BBC Live Lounge, yayyy!!! What an honour. Tune in on BBC Sussex or web radio from 7-9pm. More to come soon…

Beautiful Berliners…

Mollyhaus @ Goya

…this Friday, September 21 there is only one place for the musically discerning to be…

So get out your glitter, put on your pretty, polish those dancing shoes and head down to Berlin’s most glamorous nightspot Goya to see Mollyhaus perform.

Little Neve and K very much look forward to seeing you there and will be available for vodka and hugs after the performance… X

Weekend Haus Party

It’s the weekend! Which of course means that you might be looking to the Haus for some entertainment, well we’ll not disappoint you peeps! Allow us to steer your ears towards a whole heap of good-time, in the shape of our “China Face (What to do)” remixes by Andalo and DJ Maringo. We hope you love them like we do! Haus-party anyone??

Rodin’s Kiss – Airplay on BBC

Once more our lovely Mollyhaus champion, DJ Melita Dennet, is playing our track ‘Rodin’s Kiss’ on her radio show: ‘BBC Introducing: The South’!

What to say, what to say, what to saaaay!?

Mollyhaus @ Proud Camden

The jet lag lingers slightly today, but The Mollyhaus Team would like to shout a great big genuine THANKYOU for your kind words and kisses of support and your endless enthusiasm, which has touched us and given us even more hope for our future.

You have completely stolen our hearts…

So as the sun sets on yet another fab Mollyhaus Tour, Little Neve and K Bastian are once more parted for dreamy sleeps in preparation for the next adventure. We giggled, boggled, partied and pondered together didn’t we? It won’t be long lovely peeps, we promise.