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Santa’s Sack

Hello deliciously scrumptious Mollypeeps! Don’t you just love Christmas? As I’m sure you can tell from our naughty little Christmas tune, the Mollyhaus just ain’t the place for penguins over the festive season…. it’s far too HOT! HOT! HOT! What!! You haven’t heard our Christmas offering???!!!

Well Mollypeeps….hurry, hurry, hurry….before it sells out, zoom over to iTunes now and get into “Santa’s Sack” with the rest of us, it’s sooooo much fun…

Shooting with Linda Lusardi

Mollyhaus had a brilliant photo shooting with marvelous Linda Lusardi BEHIND the camera! As we are an impatient bunch of buggers we can’t resist to give you a tiny glimpse of the session with this photo. But the REALLY good ones are yet to come ;-) Stay tuned!

Red Shoes

Uuuuuh, ’twas a late, wine-soaked hour in the Mollyhaus; stars were winking, the record button was blinking, the mood was mellow and fat with memories of Berlin nights.

Red Shoes

As the clock chimed two, a shriek struck terror into our parts: as before us the divine spectre of Chantal appeared, to beckon us back into her exotic, erotic “House of Shame”…. demanding only the courtesy of footwear and inspiring the latest offering from the Mollyhaus; “Red Shoes”. So…. Berlin, Chantal and shoe lovers everywhere: this is for YOU!

EQ Music Blog loves Mollyhaus! Do you…?!

EQ“Mollyhaus are the product of two fabulous independent electronic acts coming together in way of uber hot electronic duo from Berlin – The Snoopy Lads (whom I worship and I’m a huge fan of) and the fabulous Little Neve White. They recently started experimenting with their sound and have done a few live shows already and I can tell you, the music is coming together really nicely.

Check out some Soundcloud samples of their tunes below and I think you’ll agree that they have hit onto something quite special in the world of electronic music. It’s still really early days for Mollyhaus but I’m going to be keeping a really close eye on them…being that The Snoopy Lads have produced one of my favorite albums of all time – “A Ruby In Blue” – keeping an eye on them and Mollyhaus won’t be asking a whole lot from me.

If you are around on October 31st and not hiding in your flat, Mollyhaus descend upon Brighton for their first UK live gig – I will most certainly be there.”

And today’s treat from the Mollyhaus…

…is a funny, yummy slice of our first ever video: “Liar Liar” featuring our delectable singer ‘Little Neve White’. Please do indulge, but make sure to share it with your friends, just like Mamma taught y’all J

What’s happening in the Mollyhaus?

So……. what’s happening in the Mollyhaus? Well, we’re still decorating and arranging the furniture, you know how it is with a new haus… but the doors are a’creaking and boys and girls are sneaking in for a peep at its tantalisingly curious, furiously industrious residents. Thank you, thank you and welcome all! To show our appreciation, a fresh and tasty nibblet is being served for our guests; do go help yourselves to a piece of the “Love Machine”, we can’t wait to dish you up the banquet….

We’re getting started!

As you guys can see, this page is all fresh and new, like a tiny little foetus. Join us now and watch it grow day by day! There will be photos, videos and exciting new MUSIC to discover!

Spread the word…