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Oh jolly Mollymonth of June!

Berlin Pride line-up

Whoop! Whoop! It’s the Mollymonth of June! And our hausmates couldn’t be more excited: Is it the sunshine?… well, slightly. Is it the ice-cream?… only a bit. Sex on the beach?… Vodka is always exciting ;-)

No, no… what’s really got Little Neve and K polishing up their pretty bits is… TA! DA! On 22nd June, right in front of Berlin’s magnificent Brandenburg Gate, Mollyhaus will be performing on the main stage to tens of thousands of people for ‘BERLIN PRIDE 2013’ (or Christopher Street Day as the locals call it!) And as if that’s not thrilling enough, we’ll be back at the saucy little venue where it all started ‘CHANTAL’S HOUSE OF SHAME’ for a warm up on 20th June. So peeps, get your glitter on, we’re coming…

If you really can’t make Berlin, you can get your Mollyfix by listening in on Sunday 23rd June at 6 pm to “Unsigned” on RADIO FRITZ with Christoph Schrag, where Mollyhaus will be performing live in the studio.
Love ya, miss ya, can’t wait to see ya! xxx

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