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La La La La Loving it!

Dear Mollypeeps, we’ve been teasing and squeezing your curious parts for weeks now with itsy-bitsy hints about our La la Ladyboy video; and believe us, the suspense has been hurting our suspenders rather a lot too! But at last we can say that this is no longer a Haus of pain – we are officially a pleasure zone once more: IT’S FINISHED!!!

And as you will see for yourself, the genius visual artist who is Martin Börner has once again created a delectable, sensual, and this time colourful feast of a Mollyhaus music video, we love it so much.

We have to say a huge thank you to him and also the beautiful cast who starred alongside Little Neve and K Bastian in this music extravaganza, they are: Äimi Weinhaus, Barbie Breakout, Candy Louis, Frank Wilde, Martin Möchtegern & Sheila Wolf…. THANK YOU, YOU’RE ALL AMAZING!

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